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To best care for her patients, Dr. Dee offers a wide range of neurological services that meet a variety of different needs.

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Dr. Dee is proud to offer mobile-friendly virtual services.

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Dr. Dee is a highly-trained and well-respected neurologist who has devoted her life to serving her patients with the best care for their injuries and conditions.

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To best care for her patients, Dr. Dee offers a wide range of neurological services that meet a variety of different needs.

Medical Records Review

In some situations, insurance companies are unwilling to cover the costs associated with treatment and medications needed for neurological conditions. When called upon, Dr. Dee will step forward with medical record review services. Through medical record review, Dr. Dee investigates a patient’s medical history and information to provide her thorough opinion of the need for treatment or compensation.

Expert Witness Testimony

Dr. Dee offers expert witness services during cases where traumatic injury is involved. Using her professional expertise, Dr. Dee will bring a neurologist’s point of view to the situation, explaining how the injury took place, and how it will impact the victim long-term. Through the use of her expert witness services, victims can expect to receive proper compensation for their injuries.

Independent Medical Exams

During an independent medical exam, Dr. Dee will provide a complete examination of the patient to assess their medical condition. While Dr. Dee will not be involved in treatment or medication plans, she will offer an overview of their neurological well-being.
With Dr. Dee’s wide range of neurological options, patients can use her services to work toward recovery, find compensation for their injuries, and receive coverage for their treatment costs.


In situations where her presence in court is not required, Dr. Dee is happy to provide neurological depositions. Through these depositions, Dr. Dee will provide straight-forward information about injuries and how they effect a victim over the course of their life.

Neurology Consultation

During a neurological consultation, Dr. Dee listens to her patients, examines them, orders testing, and makes the diagnosis. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, treatment options and counseling can begin. The neurologist treats conditions that affect the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles with medication and other therapies.

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