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Decontee “Dr. Dee” Jimmeh, M.D.

Offering expert services for clients, families, and more!

Dr. Dee is a highly-trained and well-respected neurologist who has devoted her life to serving her patients with the best care for their injuries and conditions. Through her services, Dr. Dee helps patients to receive the proper diagnosis along with treatment plans that specifically help their individual needs.

Board Certified in Neurology & Clinical Neurophysiology

Dr. Dee helps patients struggling with diseases that affect the brain, spinal cord, nerves, neuromuscular junction, and muscles.


Real-time Clinical Data Review - Medical Record Analysis

Medical record review is an important procedure in health systems to assess the care given for their patients. Accurate review of relevant medical records is also important for medical claims management.

Our 3 Customer Types



Great for patient or family members wanting a second-opinion of a previous diagnosis.



Patients desiring Nexus exams or independent medical exams to determine disability rating.



Great for 3rd party disability claims, medical record review and independent medical exams.

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