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Medical Records Review

Getting the proper insurance coverage can be difficult for patients struggling with neurological disorders and conditions. To ensure that individuals receive the appropriate treatment and care at the lowest costs available, Dr. Dee offers medical record review.

Medical record review works to ensure that the patient’s doctors have been properly charting and diagnosing conditions, providing the best and most necessary treatment options. The medical record review is a formal process where the neurologist looks through records rather than seeing the patient in person.

When someone is seeking treatment for a neurological injury, insurance companies frequently request medical record review to ensure that the procedures and treatments are truly necessary. Patients who choose to employ less main-stream treatment options are at an increased risk of needing a medical record review. Likewise, legal investigations can often require a medical record review to ensure that the condition is truly as serious as it is being presented to the court.

When Dr. Dee performs a medical record review, she gathers a patient’s medical records surrounding their neurological injury and carefully examines them along with the outcomes of each doctor’s visit. With an outstanding knowledge of neurology, Dr. Dee can pinpoint any discrepancies in the records and show areas where treatment has been lacking or misused.

Dr. Dee will use her knowledge to explain the severity of the injuries along with her personal recommendations for treatment options. Even when Dr. Dee’s expertise is not needed for diagnosis or treating an injury, her results help to settle disputes and provide a second opinion for insurance companies and attorneys.

Using her well-educated understanding of medical conditions, Dr. Dee can provide a complete view of the medical treatment that has taken place, providing confidence that the diagnosis, cause, prognosis, and treatment plan have all been correct. Dr. Dee provides a complete picture of the medical experience, standing as an unbiased expert who wants what is best for the patient while ensuring that all claims are completely founded.
Dr. Dee’s medical record reviews can be requested by individuals, attorneys, insurance agencies, and government firms.

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