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Independent Medical Exams

In an effort to ensure that individuals receive the best care possible, Dr. Dee is proud to offer independent medical examinations or IME’s. Unlike other examinations or treatment plans, a neurological independent medical examination is conducted by a health care provider who does not have a previous relationship with the injured individual.

Most often, IME’s are requested because attorneys or insurance carriers want an unbiased opinion about the patient’s injuries. During the independent medical examination, the neurologist examines the individual to detect the reason that they are having problems, what kind of treatment will be beneficial, and if any of the damage will be long-term. In some cases, the neurologist may determine that treatment is not necessary or that it is no longer beneficial.

Dr. Dee begins her neurological IME by obtaining a record of the patient’s medical history and reviewing the details of their injury or condition. Dr. Dee also receives questions that should be addressed during the examination so that she can properly assess the condition. During the IME, Dr. Dee will thoroughly examine the patient to determine if they have received the right diagnosing. After assessing the individual’s health, Dr. Dee will state her opinion about the injuries or condition, the treatment that they have received, and the next steps to take.

Dr. Dee offers an unbiased, professional opinion that will ensure that the individual is receiving the right care. Dr. Dee’s neurological IME will give an overview of the situation, her expert opinion on the current treatment, and her outlook for the patient’s future. Dr. Dee’s independent medical examinations answer questions about the necessity of treatment and ensure that patients receive the insurance coverage that they need.

Dr. Dee also has the capability to give an impairment rating that matches the American Medical Association’s guidelines. This rating will determine the chances of long-term disability, providing patients with the right to collect social security or other benefits. With Dr. Dee’s IME, patients and officials alike can rest assured in a balanced, unbiased assessment of the situation with a passionate approach toward healing.

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