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Expert Witness Testimony

Receiving the necessary compensation after injuries and trauma can seem like an overwhelming task for patients. Too often, victims are forced to go to court when insurance companies and at-fault businesses refuse to pay restitution. On their own, a patient’s word may not be trusted or respected by the court; however, having an expert witness can make all the difference.

An expert witness works by appearing at the court proceedings and giving a testimony about the injury that the victim sustained. During the court hearing, a neurological expert witness will give the court a complete understanding of the injuries that took place, the effect that the injuries have had on the victim, what treatment plans were used, and how the injury will impact the individual over the course of their life.

Neurological expert witnesses can be examined and cross-examined by both parties, giving the court the best understanding of the situation and promoting the best treatment for the victim.
Dr. Dee is proud to off expert witness services during cases where traumatic injury is involved. Dr. Dee will work alongside the court proceedings to bring a neurologist’s point of view to the situation while explaining the injury that occurred, the damage that the victim sustained, and how the patient will fare long-term.

Those working within the legal community recognize Dr. Dee as a professional and thoroughly respect her opinion on neurological issues.

“Dr. Dee provided quality information to me.  Her ability to reduce medical terms, diagnoses, and prognoses to a summary that was easily understandable and digestible for purposes of sharing with lay people was phenomenal.  I would definitely utilize her services again and encourage others to do so.”

Attorney Tiffany Johnson-Cole, Esq.
Tuskegee, AL

“Dr. Dee is extremely knowledgeable in the field of neurological injuries. In a very detailed matter with voluminous medical records, Dr. Dee thoroughly reviewed these records and provided details to support my client’s theory of neurological injury causation.”

Rodney F. Barganier, Esq. | Barganier Law Group
Birmingham, AL

Dr. Dee offers a complete court presence, giving attorneys, jurors, and judges alike a clear understanding of the neurological condition of the victim and what happened to cause their injuries. Dr. Dee offers an authority in the realm of neurology while presenting a straight-forward, honest, and open approach to her testimony.

Through her expert witnessing services, Dr. Dee hopes to see injured individuals receive the compensation and care that they deserve, giving them the chance to restore their quality of life and have a better future ahead of them.

If you are struggling with a case that is about to go to court, talk to Dr. Dee about her expert witness services. By speaking up for you in court, Dr. Dee can help you receive the care and compensation that you deserve!

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