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Neurological depositions are often necessary for legal cases that have not yet been brought to court. In these situations, a neurologist will have the opportunity to state their opinion on the condition of the victim. Rather than appear in court, during a deposition the neurologist will have the chance to sit down with lawyers and a court recorder to answer questions and provide their professional opinion. Once the deposition has been finished, it can then be presented during court proceedings. The deposition makes it possible for the neurologist to stay out of the courtroom while still providing a professional opinion.

During depositions, both sides of the case are welcome to ask questions, helping them to gain a better understanding of the situation and a grasp on what to expect during the court process. Depositions help to determine important things like medical malpractice, patient mistreatment, and benefits from insurance or worker’s compensation.

To best meet the needs of her clients, Dr. Dee is happy to provide neurological depositions. Dr. Dee will meet with court personnel to answer questions and give her professional overview of a situation. Her information is straightforward and honest, providing the court with a thorough understanding of the individual’s condition, how their injuries are effecting their life, and what long-term side-effects might occur.

Dr. Dee will answer questions about the care that the patient has received and what she would have recommended if she had been the injured party’s neurologist. Rather than take sides, Dr. Dee provides honest information that is useful for the court to gain a better understanding of the situation.

Thanks to Dr. Dee’s depositions, court cases provide more fair and balanced results, with individuals better informed about the injured party’s condition, the treatment that they received, and their outlook on the future.
Through a medical deposition, it is possible to have the expertise of neurologist Dr. Dee without bringing her into the actual court proceedings. With a deposition, Dr. Dee’s expertise can be brought into play multiple times as lawyers point toward her findings as evidence.

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