Medical Records Review

Getting the proper insurance coverage can be difficult for patients struggling with neurological disorders and conditions. To ensure that individuals receive the appropriate treatment and care at the lowest costs available, Dr. Dee offers medical record review.

Medical record review works to ensure that the patient’s doctors have been properly charting and diagnosing conditions, providing the best and most necessary treatment options. The medical record review is a formal process where the neurologist looks through records rather than seeing the patient in person.

When someone is seeking treatment for a neurological injury, insurance companies frequently request medical record review to ensure that the procedures and treatments are truly necessary. Patients who choose to employ less main-stream treatment options are at an increased risk of needing a medical record review. Likewise, legal investigations can often require a medical record review to ensure that the condition is truly as serious as it is being presented to the court.

When Dr. Dee performs a medical record review, she gathers a patient’s medical records surrounding their neurological injury and carefully examines them along with the outcomes of each doctor’s visit. With an outstanding knowledge of neurology, Dr. Dee can pinpoint any discrepancies in the records and show areas where treatment has been lacking or misused.

Dr. Dee will use her knowledge to explain the severity of the injuries along with her personal recommendations for treatment options. Even when Dr. Dee’s expertise is not needed for diagnosis or treating an injury, her results help to settle disputes and provide a second opinion for insurance companies and attorneys.

Using her well-educated understanding of medical conditions, Dr. Dee can provide a complete view of the medical treatment that has taken place, providing confidence that the diagnosis, cause, prognosis, and treatment plan have all been correct. Dr. Dee provides a complete picture of the medical experience, standing as an unbiased expert who wants what is best for the patient while ensuring that all claims are completely founded.
Dr. Dee’s medical record reviews can be requested by individuals, attorneys, insurance agencies, and government firms.

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Expert Witness Testimony

Receiving the necessary compensation after injuries and trauma can seem like an overwhelming task for patients. Too often, victims are forced to go to court when insurance companies and at-fault businesses refuse to pay restitution. On their own, a patient’s word may not be trusted or respected by the court; however, having an expert witness can make all the difference.

An expert witness works by appearing at the court proceedings and giving a testimony about the injury that the victim sustained. During the court hearing, a neurological expert witness will give the court a complete understanding of the injuries that took place, the effect that the injuries have had on the victim, what treatment plans were used, and how the injury will impact the individual over the course of their life.

Neurological expert witnesses can be examined and cross-examined by both parties, giving the court the best understanding of the situation and promoting the best treatment for the victim.
Dr. Dee is proud to off expert witness services during cases where traumatic injury is involved. Dr. Dee will work alongside the court proceedings to bring a neurologist’s point of view to the situation while explaining the injury that occurred, the damage that the victim sustained, and how the patient will fare long-term.

Those working within the legal community recognize Dr. Dee as a professional and thoroughly respect her opinion on neurological issues.

“Dr. Dee provided quality information to me.  Her ability to reduce medical terms, diagnoses, and prognoses to a summary that was easily understandable and digestible for purposes of sharing with lay people was phenomenal.  I would definitely utilize her services again and encourage others to do so.”

Attorney Tiffany Johnson-Cole, Esq.
Tuskegee, AL

“Dr. Dee is extremely knowledgeable in the field of neurological injuries. In a very detailed matter with voluminous medical records, Dr. Dee thoroughly reviewed these records and provided details to support my client’s theory of neurological injury causation.”

Rodney F. Barganier, Esq. | Barganier Law Group
Birmingham, AL

Dr. Dee offers a complete court presence, giving attorneys, jurors, and judges alike a clear understanding of the neurological condition of the victim and what happened to cause their injuries. Dr. Dee offers an authority in the realm of neurology while presenting a straight-forward, honest, and open approach to her testimony.

Through her expert witnessing services, Dr. Dee hopes to see injured individuals receive the compensation and care that they deserve, giving them the chance to restore their quality of life and have a better future ahead of them.

If you are struggling with a case that is about to go to court, talk to Dr. Dee about her expert witness services. By speaking up for you in court, Dr. Dee can help you receive the care and compensation that you deserve!

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Independent Medical Exams

In an effort to ensure that individuals receive the best care possible, Dr. Dee is proud to offer independent medical examinations or IME’s. Unlike other examinations or treatment plans, a neurological independent medical examination is conducted by a health care provider who does not have a previous relationship with the injured individual.

Most often, IME’s are requested because attorneys or insurance carriers want an unbiased opinion about the patient’s injuries. During the independent medical examination, the neurologist examines the individual to detect the reason that they are having problems, what kind of treatment will be beneficial, and if any of the damage will be long-term. In some cases, the neurologist may determine that treatment is not necessary or that it is no longer beneficial.

Dr. Dee begins her neurological IME by obtaining a record of the patient’s medical history and reviewing the details of their injury or condition. Dr. Dee also receives questions that should be addressed during the examination so that she can properly assess the condition. During the IME, Dr. Dee will thoroughly examine the patient to determine if they have received the right diagnosing. After assessing the individual’s health, Dr. Dee will state her opinion about the injuries or condition, the treatment that they have received, and the next steps to take.

Dr. Dee offers an unbiased, professional opinion that will ensure that the individual is receiving the right care. Dr. Dee’s neurological IME will give an overview of the situation, her expert opinion on the current treatment, and her outlook for the patient’s future. Dr. Dee’s independent medical examinations answer questions about the necessity of treatment and ensure that patients receive the insurance coverage that they need.

Dr. Dee also has the capability to give an impairment rating that matches the American Medical Association’s guidelines. This rating will determine the chances of long-term disability, providing patients with the right to collect social security or other benefits. With Dr. Dee’s IME, patients and officials alike can rest assured in a balanced, unbiased assessment of the situation with a passionate approach toward healing.

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Neurological depositions are often necessary for legal cases that have not yet been brought to court. In these situations, a neurologist will have the opportunity to state their opinion on the condition of the victim. Rather than appear in court, during a deposition the neurologist will have the chance to sit down with lawyers and a court recorder to answer questions and provide their professional opinion. Once the deposition has been finished, it can then be presented during court proceedings. The deposition makes it possible for the neurologist to stay out of the courtroom while still providing a professional opinion.

During depositions, both sides of the case are welcome to ask questions, helping them to gain a better understanding of the situation and a grasp on what to expect during the court process. Depositions help to determine important things like medical malpractice, patient mistreatment, and benefits from insurance or worker’s compensation.

To best meet the needs of her clients, Dr. Dee is happy to provide neurological depositions. Dr. Dee will meet with court personnel to answer questions and give her professional overview of a situation. Her information is straightforward and honest, providing the court with a thorough understanding of the individual’s condition, how their injuries are effecting their life, and what long-term side-effects might occur.

Dr. Dee will answer questions about the care that the patient has received and what she would have recommended if she had been the injured party’s neurologist. Rather than take sides, Dr. Dee provides honest information that is useful for the court to gain a better understanding of the situation.

Thanks to Dr. Dee’s depositions, court cases provide more fair and balanced results, with individuals better informed about the injured party’s condition, the treatment that they received, and their outlook on the future.
Through a medical deposition, it is possible to have the expertise of neurologist Dr. Dee without bringing her into the actual court proceedings. With a deposition, Dr. Dee’s expertise can be brought into play multiple times as lawyers point toward her findings as evidence.

If you would like to set up a neurological deposition, contact Dr. Dee’s office today!

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Neurology Consultation

Dr. Dee offers her clients a full neurological consultation that works to pinpoint areas of concern and present the most impactful treatment plan. As a neurologist, Dr. Dee specializes in conditions that affect the brain, spinal cord, nerves, and muscles.

When you go in for a neurological consultation, Dr. Dee begins by sitting down and talking to you about your condition. She gains a thorough understanding of the symptoms that you are experiencing and how long you have been enduring them. In cases where trauma or injury have occurred, Dr. Dee will gather information about the incident so that she can get a better grasp of the situation.

Once you have talked with Dr. Dee, she will then do a complete examination. In some cases, Dr. Dee will need to order specific tests that will help to confirm a suspected diagnosis. Once she has collected test results, Dr. Dee will present her diagnosis, making it possible for patients to begin medication and other treatment options.
Through Dr. Dee’s care, patients can rest assured that they are receiving the right diagnosis, enabling them to get the best care available along with treatment that will target their specific condition.
Dr. Dee is a general neurologist with specialty training in Clinical Neurophysiology. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Migraines
  • Seizures
  • Stroke
  • Dementia
  • Neuropathy
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Parkinson’s disease (PD)
  • Muscular dystrophy
  • ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease
  • Concussion
  • Myasthenia Gravis (MG)

Dr. Dee’s neurological consultation makes it possible for patients to rest assured that they have received the right diagnosis and gives their primary care physicians the confidence necessary to start a treatment plan. Even in cases where a diagnosis has already been establish, Dr. Dee is a superior voice who can step up to give a second opinion.
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