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Dr. Dee has been such a necessary addition to my life! She is a gifted neurologist, and her zeal for mentorship is authentic and heartfelt through our many interactions. My shadowing experiences with her matured my perspective of medicine and gave me confirmation that becoming a physician is attainable. She is always encouraging, honest and transparent, which means so much to me on my journey to medical school. I am honored to call her my mentor and my inspiration.

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Decontee Jimmeh , M.D. is a well-known and respected neurologist serving Birmingham and surrounding locations in the U.S. As a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana and Temple University School of Medicine, Dr. Dee is a sought-after voice in the world of neurology. Her expertise and understanding of these conditions are coupled with…

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Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


PO Box 43473 Birmingham, AL 35243