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Dr. Dee’s passion for neurology has inspired me to become a neurologist. My experience with her has opened my eyes to a variety of health professions. While shadowing Dr. Dee, I have received thorough hands-on interaction with patients, giving an up-close view of what to expect as a future neurologist. She provides clear answers to every question I have. Dr. Dee has extended her resources in order to help me on my journey through college and medical school.

Katelynn Thomas | University of Alabama at Birmingham | General Studies Major with Neuroscience Minor

Birmingham, AL

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Decontee Jimmeh , M.D. is a well-known and respected neurologist serving Birmingham and surrounding locations in the U.S. As a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana and Temple University School of Medicine, Dr. Dee is a sought-after voice in the world of neurology. Her expertise and understanding of these conditions are coupled with…

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Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm


PO Box 43473 Birmingham, AL 35243