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“For Stephanie”

“The elephant does not limp while walking on thorns.”

-Ethiopian Proverb

On July 2nd, this world lost a valuable person. She w


as my friend, sorority sister, and colleague. She loved her family, served her community and treated patients with dignity and respect. Throughout her health journey from diagnosis to transition, she continued witnessing to others through online journal entries, demonstrating strength and vulnerability in a way only a beautiful soul could balance. Even though her body was waging war, she would check on my mother’s progress when she was ill. That was her way, still caring for others in the midst of her own affliction. I admire her. I miss her. My peace comes from knowing she is now resting.

During my residency training, when she saw a mixture of fatigue and frustration on my face, she did not hesitate to reassure me that I could make it through. Both proud alumnae of Xavier University of Louisiana, we both are accustomed to the “each one reach one” pipeline of excellence. As success was afforded us, we understood it as our duty to mentor others along the way. Now post-training, her greatest tutelage of me was her commitment to live life fully to the very end. At the memorial service, those who knew her best rejoiced that the service was conducted just that way she wanted. May those who remain behind live life much like the ceremony…mostly laughter, some reflection and little jazz to top it off. #DrDeeMD


Donate to the Dr. Stephanie Hightower Memorial Scholarship

Read The Mineral District Medical Society’s Resolution for Dr. Stephanie Hightower


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